From Beginner to Advanced Tattoo Training

We help good Artists become GREAT

4 Dynamic ways to learn:

Virtual Training

You CAN'T learn HOW to tattoo online, but you can learn alot ABOUT tattooing!


In-Person Training

Get the direction and the HOW-TO by working with and expert in a hyper-focused hands-on experience.



Ongoing support and mentorship in our Guided Practicum, included with the In-Person Experience.


WorkShops + Webinars

We have some fun and challenging free and affordable options to work with one of your 7 favorite experts LIVE!!


A.R.T. School is Revolutionizing

Tattoo Education


Courses for 3 Skill Levels:

Whether you are in the PMU, Body Art, or ParaMedical world, we have something for you!


*Aseptic Techniques


*Areola Intro

*Tattoo Flash


*Luscious Lips

*Healing Tattoos

*Zen Brow Method

*Spot On Eyeliner


*Tattooing Scars


*Breast Surgeries

*Areola Workshop Series

Course Classifications:


*B - Beginner (0-2 yrs Experience)

*I - Intermediate (2-5 yrs Experience)

*A - Advanced (5+ yrs experience)



We always seem to hear "I took 2, 3, even 4 online courses and I still don't feel confident tattooing!"


While you can learn alot ABOUT tattooing online, you cannot learn HOW to tattoo online...


We thought online Tattoo Education could be done Responsibly, focusing on theory and practice.  Which may be all you need!


AND - Hands-On Training Experiences are available for all our major courses.  

Stay in the Loop!!

A.R.T. Certified Areola heA.R.T.ists - 


The best Paramedical Artists in the world have been through the A.R.T. Program.  

We help our students to surpass our own work, the mark of great training. 

See for yourself:

Past Students Restorative Work

Areola heARTists

Listen to the latest podcast appearances and see all the publications showcasing the amazing works and skills of heARTists, worldwide.

Media + Press


The landmark Product range that completely Resurfaced Restorative Tattooing

Everything you need to be great at what you do, minus the practice it takes to get there ;)

medARTpro Skins


"Since taking this course I can tell in my work it's better than before. I'm loving what I'm learning."

  "Very good info on understanding the depth of areola restorative tattoo. I chose this class because I see so many that I feel glaze over the importance of getting it right"

"I need to embrace positive feedback rather than think of it as failing. Yes, I do realize 'perfection is the enemy of progress"

"OMG I didn't think I could do it! I can't wait to take areola training now, I'm totally ready for in-person training!"

"Great content packed with so much information. Takes you on a journey no other online class does. Appreciated the feedback and knowledge Stacie-Rae provided!

Rated 5 out of 5"

"I need to embrace positive feedback rather than think of it as failing. Yes, I do realize 'perfection is the enemy of progress"