Continuing Education Tattoo Training

We help good Artists become GREAT

4 Dynamic ways to learn:

Virtual Training

You CAN'T learn HOW to tattoo online, but you can learn alot ABOUT tattooing!


In-Person Training

Get the direction and the HOW-TO by working with and expert in a hyper-focused hands-on experience.



Ongoing support and mentorship in our Guided Practicum, included with the In-Person Experience.


WorkShops + Webinars

We have some fun and challenging free and affordable options to work with one of your 7 favorite experts LIVE!!


A.R.T. School is Revolutionizing

Tattoo Education


Courses for 3 Skill Levels:

Whether you are in the PMU, Body Art, or ParaMedical world, we have something for you!




*Areola Intro

*Tattoo Flash

*Build Your Own Website



*Luscious Lips

*Healing Tattoos

*Zen Brow Method

*Spot On Eyeliner

*PMU Mastery


*Tattooing Scars


*Breast Surgeries

*Areola Workshop Series

*Scar Coverups



*B - Beginner (0-2 yrs Experience)

*I - Intermediate (2-5 yrs Experience)

*A - Advanced (5+ yrs experience)



We often hear "I took 2, 3, even 4 online courses and I still don't feel confident!"


While you can learn alot ABOUT tattooing online, you cannot learn HOW to tattoo online...


Online Tattoo Education CAN be done Responsibly, With In-Depth theory and Advanced practice.  


Hands-On Training Experiences with Mentorship available.  

Stay in the Loop!!

A.R.T. Certified Areola heA.R.T.ists - 


The best Paramedical Artists in the world have been through the A.R.T. Program.  

We help our students to surpass our own work, the mark of great training. 

See for yourself:

Past Students Restorative Work

Areola heARTists

Listen to the latest podcast appearances and see all the publications showcasing the amazing works and skills of heARTists, worldwide.

Media + Press


The landmark Product range that completely Resurfaced Restorative Tattooing

Everything you need to be great at what you do, minus the practice it takes to get there ;)



"Since taking this course I can tell in my work it's better than before. I'm loving what I'm learning."

  "Very good info on understanding the depth of areola restorative tattoo. I chose this class because I see so many that I feel glaze over the importance of getting it right"

"I need to embrace positive feedback rather than think of it as failing. Yes, I do realize 'perfection is the enemy of progress"

"OMG I didn't think I could do it! I can't wait to take areola training now, I'm totally ready for in-person training!"

"Great content packed with so much information. Takes you on a journey no other online class does. Appreciated the feedback and knowledge Stacie-Rae provided!

Rated 5 out of 5"

"I need to embrace positive feedback rather than think of it as failing. Yes, I do realize 'perfection is the enemy of progress"