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We help good Tattooists become GREAT - Advanced ParaMedical Tattoo Training - Delivered in 3 powerful ways

Online Pre-Training covers Theory, In-Person training to teach technique, and Practicum following training for the support you need to succeed:


Advanced Online Training with homework, critiques and group calls

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Hands-On Certification with a Master Tattooer, on our Trusting Survivors

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Guided Mentorship as the finishing element of our full Certification

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Join us and Help Raise The Standards of Restorative Tattooing, Worldwide

at We help create Masters by inspiring Mastery Mindset, covering all of the most  important aspects of this work.  



Nipple/Areola Complex -
Drawing + Design
Achieve Natural, lasting results
Drawing techniques to become a strong tattooist

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Tattooing Scars

Trauma Sites - Soft Tissue &
Cellular Memory
Machines & Needles - The Best Tools
Stretch, Speed & Depth - BioFeedback

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Healing Tattoos

Turn your studio into a sanctuary
Hold Space while Protecting your energy
Allow your clients to release the past and move on for good!

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A.R.T. Certified heARTists

Our programs have helped some of the best Paramedical Artists in the world find their greatness.  

Our Ultimate goal is for our students to surpass our own work, the mark of great training.  See graduates work here:

heARTists Gallery


Listen to the latest podcast appearances and see all the publications showcasing the amazing works and skills of heartists, worldwide.

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the H.E.A.R.T System

Helping clients heal. Empowerment through Artistic ability, to Restore wholeness with Technical excellence that stands the test of time.

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Subject Matter Expert: Stacie-Rae O'Sunshine

When Stacie-Rae had a mastectomy in 2012, she knew she had to share what she learned with her peers, and do all she could to raise the standards in paramedical artistry!


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"Since taking this course I can tell in my work it's better than before. I'm loving what I'm learning."

  "Very good info on understanding the depth of areola restorative tattoo. I chose this class because I see so many that I feel glaze over the importance of getting it right"

"I need to embrace positive feedback rather than think of it as failing. Yes, I do realize 'perfection is the enemy of progress"

"OMG I didn't think I could do it! I can't wait to take areola training now, I'm totally ready for in-person training!"

"Great content packed with so much information. Takes you on a journey no other online class does. Appreciated the feedback and knowledge Stacie-Rae provided!

Rated 5 out of 5"

"I need to embrace positive feedback rather than think of it as failing. Yes, I do realize 'perfection is the enemy of progress"

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