$597.00 USD

Branding + Website

Go through the entire journey into branding and website development!  

What you'll get:

  • Name or rebrand your business, and buy the domain name that matches best, and design your social media to match WITH EASE!
  • Develop a brand board, with your professional fonts and color scheme.  Design business cards to match!
  • Build a simple website yourself, from start to finish so you know how to update it and keep it looking good!
  • Free enrollment in a community where we share ideas and get support and feedback from each other to make the process fun and exciting!

This course is focused on those in the tattoo community but anyone can take it - you will learn how to use this time to make your business run better and look great while you're doing it!

Will be taught LIVE once (spring of 2024) for the purpose of helping future students learn about self-evaluation and self-critism in a fun and easy way!