AREOLA Certification



3-phase comprehensive Areola Tattoo 'Apprenticeship':

*4 weeks of OnLine 'Pre-Training'
*3 days Focused Hands-On Training
*10 week business integration with 1:1 collaboration on your first 5 clients

A.R.T. Areola Restoration

3-phase approach that teaches you EVERYTHING you need to be great at Areola tattooing and help your clients heal

A.R.T. Tattooists are among the best in the world! In fact, most areola trainers have been through our program

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the A.R.T. of Areola Restorative Tattoo CERTIFICATION

A True Areola Apprenticeship -

Where we Give you the skills you need to be in the top 10% of areola artists worldwide


Imagine if you had someone who really believed in you and stuck it out with you until you learned it all, the right way, right from the start...



Who we want to collaborate with you...

  • An experienced¬†areola tattooist¬†that wants to level up

  • Areola Artists who want to be in the top 15% of areola artists in the world!

  • Advanced PMU tattooists with scar experience that want to learn EVERY aspect of Areola Excellence

  • Body Artists looking for more meaning and purpose with their work

  • Areola Artists who want to feel more confident in restoring wholeness using realism and heARTistry

  • Tattoo Experts who truly value the mentorship and collaborative experience of someone who has been through what your client has been through.

  • Pros who love a thorough training, multi-layered, dynamic and effective!

  • For those that are afraid of being in the 80% of medical tattooists that may not realize they are inflicting even more trauma on their clients.¬† ¬†

  • Tattoo Professionals who feel stagnant and want to re-ignite their passion via inspired training with the worlds leading expert and innovator.¬†

  • See past students work here

Meet Stacie-Rae


Areola & Scar Tattoo Expert

Stacie-Rae is one of Canada's first female tattoo artists and has been paving the way for other artists since then!

When she faced losing her own breasts, she put that love into creating a fail-safe approach to Areola Restoration.

The Mentorship that will change your life!


A.R.T. Revolutionized Areola Restoration, we've trained top artists AND top trainers around the world!

  Access is now limited to only those who want to become the best they possibly can.  If you hope that one day you can be in the top 15% of areola artists worldwide, we want to help you get there... It won't be easy but you're worth it

The Program:


Phase 1 - 3 Courses, 4 weeks

Phase 2 - 3 Days Hands-On Education

Phase 3 - 10 weeks, 9 more courses




 Hyper-Realism Course ($747)

Tattooing Scars Course ($1147)

Healing Tattoos Course ($397)


In-Person Training Schedule:

Day 1:

DRAWING DAY!  Work with your mentor to advance your artistic abilities one more time, based on the teachings of our awesome hyper-realism course

Day 2:

PRACTICE DAY  Apply the A.R.T. steps to realism while learning to use needle configurations like paintbrushes!  Colors and Pigment Choices.

Day 3:

MODEL DAY  - Pull these techniques together on the body, learning to assess the scar tissue as you work and amend your technique if needed

If we rush to learn Areola Tattooing before we are ready, it is the clients who pay the price...


Our Founder has been devastated by botched nipple tattoos, herself.

Stacie-Rae represents the survivor and stands up for them, too.

We have created a viable solution to this very real problem...


How many tattooists invest thousands in trainings and still struggle to do great Areola tattoos?  It's not easy, it's not supposed to be.  Be certain of your goals and invest time and effort into the most important work you'll ever do.  Your work will show it and your future clients will thank you!



The A.R.T. Approach to Excellence

What we needed was A REVOLUTION!
So we created a 3 phase Hybrid approach to training that gives you the Skills you need to succeed.


Most 3-day areola classes can leave tattooists lacking confidence to do even ONE client after training!

Weekly tasks to stay in the learning mindset while giving you the support you need to develop your own personal greatness



Training dates:


  • Dallas, TX,¬†June 7-9
  • Dallas, TX, Sept. '24



Who NEEDS this course?

  • Experienced Areola Artists wanting to level up and be their best
  • Tattooists who¬†want to learn how to simplify their process for safer application in scar tissue
  • Medical¬†Professionals who already do areola tattoos and know there's a better way
  • Tattoo Artists who¬†want to¬†merge their career path into doing more meaningful work

Imagine - with great mentorship you could...

  • Be in the top 10% of areola artists worldwide, with the best training available!
  • Safely Create an Optical Illusion on Traumatized Skin

  • Create Long-Lasting and Natural Results in ANY Type of Scar

  • KNOW how to Responsibly handle a Client Experiencing a Trauma Response

  • Build your Business as one¬†that really¬†supports the Local Breast Cancer Community
    - "I help tattooists really understand what the client has been through.  As someone who has lost my own breasts, I know, more than anyone, the mental health impact - and that's why I always focus on the healing element."

Start the Online Portion NOW, and we'll save your seat in the next training

Technical Application


Precision is the name of the game.  Body Art Fundamentals are required for ParaMedical Artistry.  Don't waste another dollar on a training that doesn't even understand what you need to learn or how to apply it.

How scars NEED to be tattooed, how to listen to them and when to say no - an art in itself.  Delicate Balance for Soft and feathery results.

Artistic Ability


Pre-Training is a 10-week course, Hyper-Realism.  Learn from an award-winning, art-school educated mentor.  Use your drawing time to strengthen your hand techniques for safer tattoo application.

You can tell then areola tattooists draw - AND when they don't.  Your effort is required to achieve your excellence, we show you the way.

Trauma Informed


Our Founder is a certified Enlifted coach, sanctuary crisis trained and a Reiki Master, and created this program around the idea that tattoos can heal - but they can also harm.  Mental health is our top priority.

You will learn realism and technical excellence, but only because that's the minimum requirement to provide quality of life for our clients.


We designed and created them all!

Give your client the look she loves!  Temporary Areola Tattoos let her try them on and give you the ultimate reference, in blends that match the new Ever After Areola Pigments!

Tatsoul Cartridges

Create an optical illusion safely in damaged skin.  Needle choice is like brush choice for a painter, and we teach you how to create amazing results and reduce damage.

Ever After Pigments

Stacie-Rae created the ALL-NEW Ever After Areola set to help tattooists with color ranges that work great in all skin tones.  Try them ON your clients to make sure they're right!