Advanced Paramedical Artistry Education for the Medical Tattoo Professional

Techniques built from an Art school education followed by 23+ years of doing scar coverups.

The scar tells you how it needs to be tattooed, we teach you how to listen.




A.R.T. Artistic + Areola Restorative Tattooing puts ART first in Paramedical Artistry and expert Medical Tattooing. 

We pioneered advanced methods based in body art fundamentals, and progressive products that ensure to tattooists have the support they need to be their best for their clients, with the best quality tattooing available!

Stacie-Rae, Breast Cancer and Scar Tattoo Subject Matter Expert

Tattooing Professionally since 1996, this Art-School educated, award-winning pioneer is dedicated to helping raise the standards in Paramedical Artistry.  After facing her own mastectomy, this labour of love has consumed her life, culminating in

Stacie-Rae has been featured for her tattooing in magazines and media outlets for 25 years, recently named one of InStyle Magazines top 50 BadAss women!

Learn more about this amazing woman on her personal website and follow her on social media to see what this wild gypsy heart is up to now!


 TatSoul A.R.T. Cartridges

2 variety pack boxes of high-quality needle cartridges designed specifically for areola and scar tattooing!  Everything you need for any type of tattooing in any kind of compromised skin!

Scarred Practice Skins

The ideal way to learn about tattooing scars without risking damage to skin, we've designed and patented skins to represent ALL challenges - in both scars and skin tones.


Temporary Areola Tattoos for Breast Cancer Survivors and Previvors - allow our clients to not only choose a look they love, but get used to wholeness again prior to the tattoo process!  We help you get 'the look' with our Look Book and Hyper-Realism Course

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