75% of the cost of any course you purchase can be used toward your tuition on a full Certification that corresponds with the course. 

That means - that if the course you bought is included in the Certification you seek, most of what you spent will be refunded from the full price!

Each element of our training is a building block to a success story, and we make sure that they interconnect beautifully to give you what you need, wherever you are at in your career development.

Our online courses are Phase 1 of a 3-part approach to tattoo education that we liken to a modern day apprenticeship, and A.R.T. is the first to offer this full approach.  Now let's see who follows along and you'll know we are the original gamechangers!


Shipping on materials is included in the Continental US and available in Canada, UK and EU.  Those outside of the US will be given the option of enjoying a small refund or paying an extra fee to cover shipping costs to you may be charged - your choice!


There will be no refunds allowed once offers are granted - we expect you to make this decision in alignment with your best self and we are committed to helping you get there!

Your learning will be a direct result of your effort.  This course makes it incredibly easy to be amazing - A.R.T. secrets that have made heARTists famous all over the world.  You would have to sleep through class to not notice a difference in your work!

see past students success stories here:


Now - if you start a course and are beyond its level - you may change courses to something that suits you more.  

ALSO - if you don't get what you needed out of an online course, please contact Stacie-Rae to talk about it- we may have missed something important and if so, we can learn together - we love a chance to make sure we are doing our best, so contact us directly to discuss solutions that you'd like to see.  Stacie-Rae will speak with you directly and maybe just give you the advice you were looking for, JUST ASK!

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Our Business


ARTSCHOOL.ink is a Heart-Centered and eccliastically run business, and we operate as a PMA.  We are here to use the ancient and sacred art of tattoo to help our clients heal and move on from all kinds of life's traumas. 

The purchase price of your course includes a lifetime membership to our PMA.  

By purchasing our courses, you agree to run your business from the heart, as well.