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Training Dates

areola artist certification class cosmetic course healing medical nipple paramedical pmu restorative tattoo training Dec 07, 2022

Are you ready for "THE MOTHER OF ALL TRAININGS"??


We have 2 programs with more to come, but right now we are focusing on:


Areola Restoration, pretraining starts Jan. 9:

- Las Vegas - Feb. 3-5, Mar. 31- Apr. 2, June 2-4

- UK - Mar. 9-11, June 8-10, Sept. 14-16


Tattooing Scars, pretraining starts Jan. 10:

- Las Vegas, Jan 28-29, March 24-26, and May 26-28


Do you think you have what it takes?  We love heart-centered professionals who already have proven mastery in healthy skin and a desire to become their best.  We love a healthy work ethic and a real passion and drive to contribute to this evolving field.

Tattooing is an ancient and sacred art form.  We aim to preserve excellence in this field and help make each generation better than the last. 

As far as we know, A.R.T. is the only training out there that WANTS the students to do better work than the teachers, because that means we did a good job! 

Come see why heARTists are changing the world!


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