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areola artist certification class cosmetic course healing medical nipple paramedical pmu restorative tattoo training Dec 07, 2022

A.R.T. Certified tattoo heARTists are some of the best restorative and paramedical experts in the field, even some of the 'biggest name' trainers have been through the A.R.T. program!

Why is that?  We have a very thorough program, we give more information and we are invested in our students success.  We currently have 2 full restorative paramedical tattoo apprenticeships available with more in the works:

- Level 1 - Tattooing Scars - covering stretch marks, inkless, reduction, and pigment retention, as well as trauma sites, emotions, and understanding how each scar is formed for ideal needle choice and machine settings.

- Level 3 - Areola Restoration - covers realism techniques, scars, emotions, and much much more.  This course has a 10-week easy to follow practicum to make sure you retain all of the teachings, with collaboration and mentorship.

Our program includes a variety of pre-requisite courses to help tattooists prepare for a fairly demanding course.  These courses are now offered on their own for tattooists who want to improve where they are at, wherever that is.

Hands-On training is usually 2-4 days and includes a 6-10 week practicum with mentoring.

Our founder has been a well-recognized professional artist for over 25 years, and after receiving botched nipple tattoos from a pmu trainer, has created an entire system to help tattooists succeed. 

Her motivation?  To prevent breast cancer survivors from having poor quality tattooing.

We have multiple dates and locations set up for 2023, including Las Vegas, UK, and more to come!


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