A.R.T. Practicum


One-of-a-kind Paramedical Tattoo Education, created by industry specialists with decades of experience.

When Stacie-Rae got botched nipple tattoos, she made it her life's mission to help tattoo professionals become great


*A structured practicum to give you the support you need on YOUR clients in YOUR studio. 
Challenges and tasks, then work with any one of our 6 Expert Medical Tattoo Mentors to complete your milestones by Collaborating on your first 10 Areola Clients

Practicum Included with both Certifications:

A.R.T. Scars Technique:

After training you are automatically enrolled 6 weeks of online support with weekly action steps and 2 collaborative coaching calls.

A.R.T. Areola Restoration:

Practicum starts BEFORE training to help get you ready to keep the momentum rolling.  3 calls and 10 weeks of action and set you up with our billers.

Learn more about how scars need to be tattooed, what the body has been through and what the person has been through

Our “Specialist Bundle” offers access to a one-of-a-kind medical tattooing created by industry specialists with decades of experience as tattoo artists, medical nurses, and cancer survivors.

From learning the foundational knowledge and skills to safely perform medical tattoos to having the confidence & experiencing the joy of playing a vital role in a breast cancer survivor's recovery - you’ll be coached by two of the best artists in the industry.

Spots are limited. Join the waitlist now. Doors open June 27th.

Do you feel like maybe this type of tattooing IS way harder than it looks?


YOU'RE RIGHT!  It totally is - and the most common mistake new paramedical tattooists make is rushing into this type of advanced work before they are ready.

We make sure you have all the building blocks you'll need to be great.  And we're here to make sure you don't become one of the 80% of paramedical tattooists who are causing harm to breast cancer survivors...

And help your clients use their tattoo time to release old emotional pain and reclaim their body - on their terms?


We are with you to make sure you are able to develop your skills in Artistic Ability, Technical SkillSet, AND Trauma awareness.

Start with our In-Depth Virtual classes


10 weeks - "TATTOOING SCARS" and "HYPER-REALISM" are included in our training fees, because we KNOW you can't learn it all in 3 days

Then, the 3-Day portion of our training is Hyper-Focused, with all students on the same page and ready to rock it!

THEN - get the support and guidance you need...


To make sure you are known as THE go-toperson in your City, state or even your entire country!

Our students get to enjoy being part of a global community of artists that really wants to see each other be amazing!  Referrals, Retreats, Travel Oportunities and MORE...

See What Dates and Locations are Available

We already know that the missing link is the mentorship under a Master Expert.  

We've pioneered a thorough approach to helping tattooists build real confidence in their abilities.

Achieve Specific Markers and MileStones with the support of a Mentor who has been there too.

10 weeks, with 3 simple assignments per week - Professional Development, Personal Development and Community Outreach.

Choose from our list of Leaders to do your mentorship call with to get the most out of working with our community.

NO GATEKEEPING!  We are HERE for the Survivors above all!  We have been wildly successful at helping our students surpass their teachers, the true mark of our success as trainers.


Choose the right person for the challenge:

Stacie-Rae, Kara Guiterrez, Nicole Rizzuto, Chrissy from Living Story, and Becky Barker and Nic Deluna from England!

Join The Waitlist & Get All The Perks, PLUS - a chance to be featured in the A.R.T. ANNUAL Magazine, a collectors paramedical tattoo publication - the only one of its kind!