Effective date: June 1, 2022


PMA - Private Members Association. is run as a PMA - a Private Members Association.  We really do believe that Artistic + Restorative Tattooing is 'God's Work' because it has the power to help so many when done well.  It is our mission to help as many tattoo professionals as possible to develop the skills and knowledge to be great at what they do.

We understand that poor quality training leads to poor quality tattooing, which can be harmful to a clients mental health.  We created this business as a solution to that.


Articles of Association:

Our relationship with our members is as follows:

- we aim to share our knowledge from our years of experience with tattoo professionals through our creations - our courses and trainings

 - for the purpose of helping them grow their skillset and become better at their craft

- We aim to share our creations with tattoo professionals to assist them in developing their skillset

- We aim to develop a network of partners that have proven a high level of quality in their craft, making it easy for hospitals and clients alike to find them to utilize their skills in their healing journey and that of their clients.


- Membership fees are included in course purchase and are perpetual, with no yearly renewal fees.  Since courses have lifetime access, each purchase includes lifetime membership.

- The members that we partner with as leaders, operate their own business as they see fit beyond sharing their creations (courses) at, which has no holding over the way our teachers or students choose to register, insure or operate their own business outside of our association.


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