$198.00 USD

I affirm that I am an Experienced Areola Artist and that I have taken at least 1 hands-on training.  I know this level of work CANNOT be learned online and my commitment is to excellence of quality for my clients above all. 

I am not here to take any shortcuts and learn 'the easy way' - but to help raise the industry standards as a whole!


3 hour LIVE workshop on November 19, 2023, with lifetime access to the workshop course and replay.

We will touch on the development of nipple necrosis, what causes color loss and what can be done about it, with a main focus on needle choice and healing options.

We're going to cover these important topics:

  • What is nipple necrosis?   How deep does the damage go?
  • How to understand needles and the role they play in retention through necrotic scar tissue
  • What kind of damage will retain pigment and what kind will not?

*for Experienced Areola Artists only - this advanced work CANNOT be learned online only - our highest calling is to serve our clients with integrity and responsibility.