$198.00 USD

I affirm that I am an Experienced Areola Artist and that I have taken at least 1 hands-on training.  I know this level of work CANNOT be learned online and my commitment is to excellence of quality for my clients above all. 

I am not here to take any shortcuts and learn 'the easy way' - but to help raise the industry standards as a whole!

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Fix Breast Lift Scars

This workshop is now complete and set up as a mini-course

*Lifetime access to the course and workshop replays at a permanently reduced price.

We will touch on the different types of these surgeries, their purpose, benefits and risks.  We will talk about needling the scars and camouflaging the 'ring around the areola'

We're going to cover these important topics:

  • Learn about breast lifts, unilateral mastectomy, mommy makeover and top surgery
  • Understanding of the Explant Journey and the reality of breast implants
  • How to Handle Breast Reduction issues

*for Experienced Areola Artists only - this advanced work CANNOT be learned online only - our highest calling is to serve our clients with integrity and responsibility.