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Next LIVE Zoom classes starting Wednesdays on Feb. 5, 2024

- or do it on your own time and follow along with the mentorship as if you were part of the group!

  • Easy 5-step process that simplifies your mental process so you can achieve successful application in damaged skin
  • Understand what kind of hand techniques COULD damage skin and how to "DRAW LIKE YOU TATTOO"
  • Learn about depth, texture, and contrast - and be able to apply it to all of your drawing
  • Be part of a virtual community of heart-centered professionals who really care about their clients
  • Your Trainer, Stacie-Rae, has lost her own breasts and received botched nipple tattoos - so you get to see things from your clients perspective - invaluable!
  • Learn from someone who's been to art school and won awards for her realism drawings!  Why would you try to learn from someone who hasn't?


YOU CANNOT LEARN HOW TO TATTOO AREOLAS ONLINE - This focuses on DESIGN ONLY!  (experienced areola artists can level up like crazy in just 8 short weeks!  And those who want to get into it will be able to avoid common mistakes after their training)

Every new enrollment will be automatically added to the next available live mentorship series.

See previous A.R.T. students' success at heartists.ink


"Just completed and In-Person training with Stacie-Rae to advance my areola tattoo skills and have to say this was one of the most educational experienced I've ever had. She is extremely knowledgable, open about her theories, and definitely cares more about the quality of the tattooing we provide for the slient long term vs. the cosmetic side which I highly respect. Getting into this field is about being responsible for the full integration we can provide in connecting a client back with their body after a history of trauma - and Stacie-Rae doesn't take that lightly. If you're looking to advance your areola tattooing skills, definitely challenge yourself to work with Stacie-Rae" - J.H.

"I can't even begin to tell you how much I've learned from Stacie-Rae!! Her passion in the industry shines through her art, heart and the amount of work she puts in. I feel more confident to start helping others feel more complete and connected with their bodies once again!" - K.H.

"Very good info on understanding the depth of areola restorative tattoo. I chose this class because I see so many that I feel glaze over the importance of getting it right, over just adding another service and making more money. I feel that Stacie really cares and projects that in this class. Excellent!" Nicole Rizutto