$147.00 USD

Love for the art of tattooing is a great motivator to get through your first major tattoo project.  Noone can draw for you and time invested will be the deciding factor for your success or failure in this course and in tattooing in general.  

DRAW DRAW DRAW and have fun even when it seems like too much - that prepares you for how demanding this career will get!

There will be no refunds allowed once offers are granted - we expect you to make this decision in alignment with your best self and we are committed to helping you get there!

Tattoo Flash

So you wanna be a Tattoo Artist? 

Having a Completed Set of Flash Art will put you above 95% of the people out there who are looking for an apprenticeship!


What this course will help you develop:

  • Your Unique Artistic Style, as you figure out what you like and what you don't like while you conjure up an entire projects worth of design ideas!
  • Strength and Consistency in your application that will lead to an easier time transitioning into using a tattoo machine when the time comes to start your apprenticeship.
  • You will have a complete and sellable final product, and you will have earned the respect and time of tattoo professionals who wouldn't look twice at the person who didn't put this time in.


Learn how to organize your ideas, draw and design in a way that works in the skin, and how to create a professional-looking design process.

These simple ideas will help you in all of your composition approach throughout your career, withouth requiring the time for your teacher to have to show it to you.  Learn everything from line weight to balance and placement.


*This course is the PERFECT tattoo artist helper - if your new apprentice has all the heart and signs of talent - but you really just need them to put this time into learning how to organize their approach, you can be there on the other side guiding them in person while this course helps them do the hard work without needing too much of your valuable time.

"As one of Canada's first female tattoo artists, I had to prove myself even more than the guys would have, and luckily because I did that- I had some really great mentors.  Here's what they taught me..." - Stacie-Rae


NO online course will EVER teach anyone how to tattoo - that would be irresponsible to every client you will ever tattoo.  This course is designed for responsible artists to get a correct start in this desirable and dynamic career.