$1,297.00 USD


Discover the art of precise lines and captivating looks with Spot On Eyeliner - Beyond the Liner!  Empowering you to master various techniques and unleash your creativity.

What you'll get:

  • Unleash your inner eyeliner pro with our secret sauce to flawless eyeliner tattoos! Master mapping techniques and slay those lines like a boss.
  • Say goodbye to "ouch" moments! Choose the perfect needles for stunning eyeliner styles with our expert guidance.
  • Let color theory be your guide to eyeliner perfection. Discover the tricks for selecting the right pigments that make your eyes pop with style.
  • Maintain long-lasting eyeliner glory! Our comprehensive aftercare guide keeps your look fresh and vibrant. Elevate your eyeliner game now!

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There will be no refunds allowed once offers are granted - we expect you to make this decision in alignment with your best self and we are committed to helping you get there!