$298.00 USD

I affirm that I am an Experienced Areola Artist and that I have taken at least 1 hands-on training.  I know this level of work CANNOT be learned online and my commitment is to excellence of quality for my clients above all. 

I am not here to take any shortcuts and learn 'the easy way' - but to help raise the industry standards as a whole!


Includes lifetime access to the workshop replay and mini-course.

Pre-Requisites - A.R.T. Hyper-Realism Course and/or hands-on training and experience in Areola Restorative Tattooing.

This workshop is to show you the A.R.T. secrets for natural and realistic Unilateral Portraiture.  We have broken it down into a science and after seeing so many poor quality areola tattoos affecting survivors quality of life, we decided to share this technique more widely.

We're going to cover these important topics:

  • Learn how to do an effective STUDY - the MOST important part!
  • Color Matching and Needle Choice
  • Facing the challenge of the scars - the ones you see AND the ones you don't!
  • Learn our trademarked 3-part approach to the most important work you will ever do

*for Experienced Areola Artists only - this advanced work CANNOT be learned online only - our highest calling is to serve our clients with integrity and responsibility.