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Elevate Your Brow Game with Kim Zen

Unleash the Magic of Eyebrow Tattooing: Join the ZEN BROW METHOD! 

Masterful Eyebrow Tattoo Techniques: Learn from Kim Zen herself and acquire the prowess to craft flawless, natural-looking eyebrow tattoos that leave clients in awe!

  • Unleash Your Brow Potential - Kim's passion lies in nurturing artists, providing one-on-one attention to help you flourish in your unique style!
  • Perfecting Your Brow Craft - Enjoy live training from the comfort of your own space, where Kim will immerse you in the art of eyebrow tattooing!
  • Elevate Your Brow Game - Add Kim Zen's illustrious name to your portfolio, showcasing your mastery of HEALED results and attracting a flood of eager clients!

  • Transforming Your Brow Technique - Kim's mentorship will boost your self-assurance, empowering you to create eyebrow tattoos that exude confidence and beauty!

UpGrade to the PMU MASTERY bundle and experience a full University-Style approach to Learning with Liz Cook, Kara Gutierrez, and others!

Learn in an 8 week LIVE MENTORSHIP small group setting for critiques and support.  The best way to elevate your brow game OR to get ready for your Kim Zen In-Person Training Experience!


There will be no refunds allowed once offers are granted - we expect you to make this decision in alignment with your best self and we are committed to helping you get there!